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Services we provide

Interior Design Services

Design boards

Commercial Design


Kitchens and bathrooms

Children's bedrooms

Fabrics and wallpapers

Carpets, rugs and flooring

Furniture and beds

Handmade curtains and blinds

Poles and tracks

Handmade pelmets

Tiebacks and trimmings

Interior Design

Sara has an eye for detail and an ability to understand and translate your vision, along with a tight rein on budgets.

You could be looking to extend or reconfigure your house, add an en-suite bathroom or select furniture and fittings. We can help you create your dream space. From modern to traditional, whatever your taste. We deliver independent professional advice on all aspects of the design process regardless of size, style, complexity or budget.


To discuss your project idea or to book a design consultation please call us on 01932 423982 or 07851 313387

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